Diff EQ Wars title screen

Diff EQ Wars title screen

My final project for the Python summer course was “Diff EQ Wars”, a game/simulation of units on a battlefield using graphics from Advance Wars. It uses ordinary differential equations for the motion and health of the units, with terms based on certain conditions (i.e. is the unit near an enemy? / is the unit near a base? / is the unit in a forest? / etc).

You can find it here, along with the other programs I wrote for that class. It was written in Python 3.1 and requires pygame.

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Gravity simulation

Simulation of gravitational motion of objects in Python

During summer 2010, I took a course where we learned how to program in python; specifically for finding numerical solutions for ordinary differential equations using Runge-Kutta. Most of the things we did were physics-related, though for the final project it didn’t have to be.

Bead on Wire

Bead on a wire, under the effect of gravity

I learned quite a bit from this course; Python is really easy to use and understand. Before this, the only things I knew how to program were the things we learned in CS102 (not very much; our hardest assignment for that class was to write a program that converted formatted data to a more readable format), and some really simple ActionScript things for Flash.

If you’d like to see the programs I wrote for this class, you can find them here. It was written in Python 3.1 (I think) and requires pygame. The final project is in that zip file as well, but I think I’ll make a separate post for that.

Also important note: the code is incredibly inefficient because this was before I learned “proper” programming methods and efficiency, I kinda just did what worked and disregarded time complexity and the overhead associated with making and filling huge multidimensional arrays.

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