Bought one of these RGB LEDs from Adafruit; here’s a video of it in action. I didn’t save the Arduino sketch, but I simply declared the PWM out value for each pin as a random byte between 0 and 255 in the setup() function and just added 1 to each value every iteration of the loop() function (since they were declared as bytes, it wraps around after exceeding a value of 255).

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GLCD Ika Musume #1

Part 1: Lots of wires

No more need for 20 wires

Part 2: Made a GLCD shield. No more annoying wires!

SparkFun boxes are the best

Part 3: An enclosure made from a SparkFun cardboard box!!

Ika Musume pixel art by @bitmapchaos. More information about the construction in the full post!

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