Spent the past few hours making this flash game based on DJ Max Technika. Specifically, the song “In My Heart“. It was originally just fanart, then I decided to make it interactive by having her look at your mouse cursor, then I wanted a thing that dynamically generated bubbles (I based it on the code found here), but then I thought it’d be cool if the bubbles were notes instead. Then I was all “Hey, let’s make them clickable!” and then after that “Might as well make it a game.”

Instructions can be found by clicking the button at the bottom. SWF can be found here, and embedded in the full post.

Edit: Updated to include a sound and an star-explosion effect upon a successful click, also the ability to press T to toggle outfits. The previous version can be found here.

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16 Responses to Technika-based Flash game

  1. kumu says:

    458 GET

  2. Thefre says:

    Very nice! I’ve never played technika, but this is interesting.

  3. Kikansha says:

    That’s very cute XD

  4. BJNB says:


    I REALLY love it!

    I appreciate you for your Flash. 감사합니다!(korean means ‘Thank you!’)

  5. Reisen-Fan says:

    love it i wish touhou game is this easy

  6. Demonwor says:


  7. rage says:

    Oh I love this!

  8. TyrannoRexaur says:

    Pretty interesting, and somehow I find it very cute, something I’m not used to XD

  9. Imperishable Fairy says:

    What I like is how she looks around and her face moves along too.

  10. EasyModo says:

    This made me start watching Milky Holmes, so yeah…

  11. Anon says:

    I’ve never tried Technika before, but now I want to. XD

    Also, where did you get the sprite for the bubbles/notes?