Made an Arduino program based on the computer program Neko. Neko moves to where you tap on the screen, and if you don’t do anything for awhile, it does some idle animations. I’ve also added a thing that wasn’t in the original program; after Neko performs two idle animations, it moves to a random location on the screen (not shown in the video).

Source code can be found here.

Update: Figured out how to make Neko controllable by having users type in coordinates on UStream.

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3 Responses to Arduino KS0108 touchscreen Neko program

  1. Mokou says:

    that cat scratches walls this is bad for the screen

    But seriously, whoaaa this is so cool! Good job!

  2. eidrag says:

    make rock throwing NECO too!

  3. htfkid2000 says:

    Heheheh, Now Neko is on everything! Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows3.1-7, the X windows system, javascript and now the Walfas Touch Screen!