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Stuff from DealExtreme

Shipment from DealExtreme arrived today (finally). These were the things I got:

Of course, I’ve only shown one of each in the photo. They were a lot smaller than I had expected; I put a penny in the image to give a sense of the size of these things. The solar powered car doesn’t really seem to work, but I guess it might just be the lack of adequate sunlight in my room. Gonna start trying to make something with the lasers and servos some other time.

I’ve also ordered some other stuff from DealExtreme about a week ago, and those should arrive some time in the future.

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4 Responses to DealExtreme servos, lasers, solar-powered car

  1. Cardboardsnail says:

    How long did it take for DealExtreme to ship stuff to you?
    It took over a month for them to ship some stuff to me lol

  2. ME! says:

    Why the lasers?